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I'm Kate and I would love to help make your business more successful. I love to support others in the pursuit of their dreams. I work hard to understand your heart and vision for your business. I can help you follow that dream to find success.

Allow me to give your small business or ministry an online presence, make your website more engaging, or provide training and support to make blogging more fun for you. Use the Contact button below for your FREE initial consultation and quote.

Partnering with you to make your WordPress blog even better!

  • Are you a first time blogger who feels clueless about the whole process?
  • Are you a hobby blogger looking to upgrade to more dedicated blogging and don’t know which way to turn?
  • Are you a seasoned blogger who just doesn’t understand all the techy lingo or how to make your blog the way you envision it?

Then I am here to help you!

I can critique your blog and help you step things up a bit, or I can train you on using plugins or widgets, coding or colors. I can help you set up Mailchimp to get  your signup form running on your blog or even train you how to blog from scratch.

I know what it’s like to not be able to afford help, that’s why my prices are very affordable. Click the contact button below and see if we can be a good fit for one another.

Taking your website from concept to reality to express your vision for your business!

  • Are you excited about starting your new business but intimidated about setting up a website?
  • Are you worried over the start up costs for a web designer?
  • Are you concerned that your website will become out of date because you don’t know how to maintain it?

I love designing blogs and small websites using WordPress themes. I can help you get started, or work with you to design a site that you love. My goal is to put you in control of your website. I can set it up, design it and make sure it is running smoothly, then train you on maintaining it so that you never have to wait on someone else to do your updates. OR if you prefer, I can be that person who does the regular maintenance of your site so that you are free to run your business or write your blog posts.

I know that designing a website can be a very expensive thing, and my desire is to help you get off the ground with very reasonable rates. I would love to talk with you about your web design needs and how I might be able to help you. Just click the contact button at the bottom right of this page to get started with your initial FREE consultation and quote.

Client Testimonials

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Kate has actually designed and built 2 of my websites. What I love about working with her is that she listened to my heart and captured my passion. She is very good at helping you with your content as well as visual display. It is one thing to have a web designer, and it is another to have someone who helps you think through what is in your heart and communicate it virtually. I found Kate to be very available, patient and wise in how she drew out what was "in my head." She made my dreams become a virtual reality!

Lisa Schwarz, Founder/CEO Crazy8 Ministries    Website   
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I have had the pleasure of working with Kate directly as the VA for our ministry website for 3 years. I have found Kate to be easy to work with, available, and gets things done well and in a timely manner. Kate is very good at listening to ideas, thoughts and challenges and is able to creatively come up with solutions and ways to brings those ideas into reality. I appreciate Kate and her heart for our mission and ensuring that our mission is represented effectively via social media. I highly recommend Kate to help you turn your dreams into a virtual reality!

Liz Jordan, Outreach/Connections Coordinator Crazy8 MInistries    Website   
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Kate Megill did an excellent job designing our website. Her prices are very reasonable and the quality of her work is impeccable. She was extremely communicative and patient. We are extremely pleased with our site, and we would highly recommend her services. It was truly a pleasure doing business with her.

Tamara and Winston Williams    Website   
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Kate Megill has long had the desire to teach what is good to women. She offers her lesson plans on the Internet, and in books. She has expanded her “lesson plans” to teach others to develop their own blogs, and her know-how, patience and humor are invaluable tools, especially for novices.

She is helping me master the intricacies of web-hosting selection, building a blog, and understanding how to maintain it, and “grow” it. Her consulting services are like having a master gardener make house calls to your needy little backyard! Kate is experienced, friendly, and did I say — patient! And best of all, she is committed to helping her clients create excellent blogs that we too may teach what is good. She is available to help you too gentle readers!

BW Smith, Autumns Garden    Website   
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I have ‘known’ Kate through blogging for at least five years. I have often needed her expert assistance when I created problems with my blog. Kate was always there for me. She is knowledgeable and quick to get to the bottom of the dilemma. She has skillfully dealt with my host when my blog had extensive issues. I cannot say enough about her servant’s heart, and willingness to do whatever needed to be done. What I admire most about Kate is her love for teaching me how to fix the problem myself!

Judith Knowles, Whole Hearted Home    Website   
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Kate was an absolute pleasure to work with! She always had a prompt response and her attention to detail is astonishing! I loved that Kate was willing to tweak anything I wasn't 100% satisfied with! This process was so painless! Highly recommended!!! Thanks Kate!

Nikki Kruse-Dye    Website   

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