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A clean, optimized website for best user experience & conversion with affordable hosting.


Keeping your site updated, fast, secure & automated to strengthen your business.


Analytics, SEO and brainstorming business strategies to stimulate productivity & flourish.

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Do What You Do Best!

  • Do you struggle keeping track of all the moving parts for your business?

  • Are you tired having to learn tech when you want to grow your business?

  • Are you ready to finally get things running smoothly behind-the-scenes?

I can make all of this happen for you! I love working with clients to identify, not just their needs, but their dreams, and to make them a reality.

Let me handle your web design so you can grow your business and thrive!

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What’s the process?

I Meet with you to understand your vision


I Collect & help you determine content

I Design site & implement automation & integrations

What Clients Are Saying

Kate was an absolute pleasure to work with! She always had a prompt response and her attention to detail is astonishing! I loved that Kate was willing to tweak anything I wasn’t 100% satisfied with! This process was so painless! Highly recommended!!! Thanks Kate!

Coach Nikki

Savory Sweet Freedom

Kate Megill helped me master the intricacies of building a blog and understanding how to maintain it, and “grow” it. Her consulting services are like having a master gardener make house calls to your needy little backyard! Kate is experienced, friendly, and did I say — patient!

Barbara Smith

Autumns Gardens

Kate has designed and built 2 of my websites.I love that she listened to my heart and captured my passion. She is very good at helping with content as well as visual display. Kate is very available, patient and wise in how she drew out what was “in my head.”

Lisa Schwarz

Lisa Schwarz, LLC

Kate is easy to work with, available, and gets things done well and in a timely manner. Kate is very good at listening to ideas, thoughts and challenges and is able to creatively come up with solutions and ways to brings those ideas into reality. I highly recommend Kate! 

Liz Hargrove

Crazy8 Ministries

I absolutely love working with Kate. She is so thorough and really understands the feel that you want for your website. Apart from being very skilled in designing an amazing website, she also excels at the little upkeep items that keep clients happy and coming back to her for her awesome services. 

Coach Tabitha

Soar Together THM

I have ‘known’ Kate for many years. She is knowledgeable and quick to get to the bottom of the dilemma. I cannot say enough about her servant’s heart, and willingness to do whatever needed to be done. What I admire most about Kate is her love for teaching me how to fix the problem myself!

Judith Kowles

His Unmeasured Grace

Kate has been incredible in helping me creating an appealing and functional website. She is an expert at design, layout, e-commerce, email sequences and more. My favorite part in working with Kate is her flexibility and creativity to find solutions to get my message out to potential customers.

Becky Blaisdell

The Reading Experts

Kate, she has been an answer to prayer, going above and beyond any web designer. Kate is always right there. I would not be where I am today with my business if it were not for Kate.  She is a true Angel from above.  If you need help with your website, look no further, because Kate is the answer.  

Sarah Truitt

Araya Hope Health

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