Custom Contract

You, (CLIENT) agrees to pay KATE MEGILL SERVICES for web design services. A 50% deposit of the design package is due, along with this signed contract, before work begins.

Final payment is due when all initial work contracted for is complete or after 4 weeks, whichever comes first. Additional requested services will be paid upon completion. After final payment is made, CLIENT will receive a Word Admin document with all pertinent administrative information set up for the website, if necessary.

  • Set up Under Construction page
  • Upload Divi Theme on current WordPress platform
  • Refresh design with current content & images & CTA  (additional pages/redesign not included in quoted price)
  • Reframe coaching offerings to 1 on 1 & group membership
  • Install store software & set up store with 3 products
  • Install E-Signature software & waivers
  • Install LearnDash & begin set up for 1 course/workshop
  • Set up Account & Login pages/process to access videos
  • Re-establish link to Mailerlite (doesn't appear to work)
  • Email reliability check & set up NOT included
  • This price is guaranteed for 15 days after contract is sent to CLIENT. Once the contract is signed, the price is locked in until completion of the website.
  • Additional items may be requested by CLIENT and cost will be added to the final invoice.


KATE MEGILL SERVICES agrees to confidentiality of all information provided by CLIENT for use of preparing this website.


No guarantees are made as to the salability or marketability of the website. Nor is there a guarantee that the manuscript will be completely error-free, though all efforts will be made to make it so. Unless a co-writing/co-authorship arrangement is made in writing, all royalties and monies gained by the sale of the book will be the sole property of CLIENT.


Once the project is in process either party may terminate this Agreement in the event of material change of circumstance with 14 days’ notice sent in writing to the other party at the email address provided. If KATE MEGILL SERVICES terminates the agreement, CLIENT will pay KATE MEGILL SERVICES for work done up to the date of termination (at the current hourly rate), and KATE MEGILL SERVICES will refund overpayment. If CLIENT terminates the agreement, CLIENT will pay KATE MEGILL SERVICES for the work completed up to the date of termination, but this amount will not be less than 30% of the estimated total for the project. At the point of termination and refund, if any, access to the current site will be handed over to CLIENT.

By signing and dating, I, CLIENT, agree to the terms of this contract.


Once KATE MEGILL SERVICES has the information needed from CLIENT for content, a first/rough draft will be available for review within 10-14 business days. The timeline of the final completed site will depend on revisions needed and how quickly further information/items is provided by CLIENT.

Kate Megill SERVICES will set up a project on Basecamp where CLIENT will upload any documents, graphics, images, content they require for changes to content. Otherwise, Kate Megill SERVICES will use images, documents and graphics in the Media Library.

·   any documents, graphics, images, content or logo they desire in highest quality resolution


KATE MEGILL SERVICES will provide 1 revision of design (not content) in this package. Any further revisions will be subject to additional charges. 

Changes of and updates to specific content (copy and images) are not subject to the revisions limitations and will be provided for up to 2 weeks after live launch of website.

2 weeks after launch of website all commitments by KATE MEGILL SERVICES will be considered complete. Any further changes, whether to design or copy, will fall under a new work contract charged at the regular hourly rate.

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