About Kate


I began blogging way back in 2004, mostly about my homeschooling life, general homemaking, spiritual insights and encouragement. Over time, as I traversed the free blog platforms, I decided to jump into self-hosting my blog on WordPress. 2010 found me learning web design and helping others who struggled with their own blog designs & functionality.

At the time I was still homeschooling the youngest 7 of my 8 children and way too busy to pursue serious training other than researching help for my own (and other’s) WordPress blogging needs. With each child graduated, I began to push my personal training. Finally, after a 30 year “career” in homeschooling ended, I decided to begin Act II and set out on a part time career in web design.

Over the years certain kinds of people emerged as those most requesting my help:

  • teeny non-profits or women just starting out in business
  • people who had websites but, due to not-so-reputable developers, had lost control of their domain/site and couldn’t go forward
  • people who really wanted things set up as a “one and done” and manage on their own but needed training
  • people who did not want to handle anything tech related so they could just do what they do best

So I focus on not just capturing a client’s vision for design, but also in finding the administrative tasks & integrations needed to get a business up and running and then running smoothly. I strive to automate as much as possible so that my client’s don’t have to.